CAL vs TMC dream11 fantasy cricket prediction – 30th Bengal T20 Match

There’s a lot to take into consideration when you’re looking for the best CAL vs TMC dream11 team. Today, We are going to discuss CAL vs TMC 30th Match news, CAL vs TMC playing 11, CAL vs TMC fantasy cricket prediction, and dream11 Expert data. The Bengal T20 is called Roxx Bengal T20 Challenge in dream11 leagues.

Calcutta Customs Club vs Tapan Memorial Club 30th Match Schedule:

Calcutta Customs Club vs Tapan Memorial Club, The 30th match will be played in Eden Gardens on 7 December 2020 at 7:00 PM.


CAL vs TMC Dream11 prediction and Players stats

Wicket – Keeper Prediction:

Suvankar Bal (CAL) (3 down)

Suvankar Bal is the highest points accumulated by a keeper amongst these two teams this season. Consistent performer but since he comes down the order, he won’t get many deliveries to face. Still, a safe option to keep in today team.

Last 5 scores – 17, 3, 15, 5, 18

Shakir Habib Gandhi (TMC) (3 down)

Gandhi has been a consistent performer and he also comes at the same batting position as S Bal. He’s a safe option for CAL vs TMC dream11 team and also getting points consistently.

Last 5 scores – DNP, DNP, 20, 25, 21

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Agniv Pan (CAL) (1 down)

We can avoid him since two better options are available in this section. He batted one down in the previous game for the first time this season and batted well too. He can be tried in GL though.

Last 5 scores – 28, 1, 11, 0, 21

Bastmen Prediction:

Kaif Ahmed (TMC) (2 down)

Scoring a century in a T20 game shows his worth with the bat and is surely a good pick in your CAL vs TMC team. Has looked in good touch and can be a good pick in SL.

Last 5 scores – 57r, 4r, 3r, 25r, 108r

Gaurav Chauhan (TMC) (6 down)

Doesn’t get much deliveries to face and is a waste of a pick for CAL vs TMC SL since he would come at No.7 to bat. He got more than 60 points twice in the last 5 games but is still a risky pick due to his batting position.

Last 5 scores – 10r, 33r, 2r, 1w, DNB

Abhishek Das (CAL) (opener)

An opener gets to play the most deliveries and he has been in good touch throughout the season. Can be a good pick and can drop in risky SL as he hasn’t even crossed 20 in any game.

Last 5 scores – 4r, 19r, 1r, 17r, 14r

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Sumanto Gupta (CAL) (2 down)

He looked good but hasn’t been able to get on with consistency. Can be a GL pick for today match.

Last 5 scores – 8r, 9r, 45r, 3r, 5r

Tarun Godara (TMC) (4 down)

Godara hasn’t done anything worth noting and can be avoided in your CAL vs TMC dream11 teams.

Last 5 scores – DNB, DNB, 4r, 16r, 2r

Koushik Ghosh (TMC) (opener)

Ghosh has been giving points consistently and has given 25+ points thrice in the last 4 games. Can be a good pick since he’s an opener too.

Last 5 scores – DNP, 20r, 19r, 24r, 0r

Chirag Pathak (CAL) (4 down)

Pathak is 4th down batsman doesn’t give him too many deliveries to play unless the top order collapses. Hasn’t done too much and can be avoided.

Last 5 scores – 5r, 22r, 6r, 1r, 29r

Prosenjit Kr Das (CAL) (opener)

An opener just selected by 5% of users. A good GL punt picks for today match.

Last 5 scores – DNP, 4r, 14r, 33r, 9r

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All-Rounders Prediction

Sandipan Das Sr (TMC) (3 down and 2 overs)

S Das got 626 fantasy points in one season is clearly suggestive of how consistent this player has been in this tournament. A safe choice and a must pick in your CAL vs TMC dream11 team whether SL or GL.

Last 5 scores – 8r 1w, 14r 0w, 10r 3w, 11r 3w, 9r 2w

Shahbaz Ahmed (TMC) (2 down and 4 overs)

He’s the same RCB player and has the IPL training and experience behind him which makes him a clear choice to be selected in the team. A must pick for SL and GL teams. He’s also the team’s skipper.

Last 5 scores – 27r 2w, 51r 1w, DNP, DNP, 9r 1w

Vikash Singh (TMC) (opener and 1 over)

Has consistently gotten points and has been in the dream team thrice in the last 5 games. Surprisingly has just been selected by 13% of users. The perfect GL punt pick for today match.

Last 5 scores – 2w, 1r 1w, 5r 1w, 23r 0w, 3r 0w

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Bowler Prediction

Ramesh Prasad (TMC) (4 overs)

Ramesh Prasad has been impressive and a wicket taking bowler for the team and has been giving constant points in fantasy. A must pick in your CAL vs TMC dream11 team.

Last 5 scores – 2w, 1w, 4w, 2w, 0w

Prayas Ray Barman (TMC) (4 overs)

The same player who was the youngest to go sold in IPL and was bought by RCB in 2019. Has that training to support him and is doing well with the ball out here as well in every game. Been economical and collected wickets too. Yet again a must pick.

Last 5 scores – 1w, 5r 0w, 25r 1w, 1w, 2w

S Swarup Chakraborty (CAL) (4 overs)

A very consistent bowler and has taken at least one wicket in 7 of the 8 games that he’s played this season. A must pick in CAL vs TMC SL teams. Would surely give at least 25 points.

Last 5 scores – 1w, 0w, 1w, 2w, 1w

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Abhilash Semiwal (CAL) (3/4 overs)

Has given more than 30 points in 7 out of 8 games that he’s played and is one of the most consistent players for your teams. Cannot avoid in SL teams.

Last 5 scores – 0w, 24r, 2w, 1w, 15r 1w

Ravikant Singh (CAL) (2 overs)

Not been consistent as such but if he bowls more than 2 overs, he has gotten wickets. Risky pick. Can try in GL.

Last 5 scores – 0w, 0w, 2w, 1w, 0w

Nilkhanta Das (TMC) (4 overs)

Opening bowler and ends up collecting at least 1 wicket if bowls his entire spell of 4 overs. Last league fixture. He can be a GL punt pick since he’s not been selected by many users.

Last 5 scores – 0w, 0w, 1w, 1w, 1w

Bapi Manna (CAL) (4 overs)

It’s surprising to see why has he just been selected by 16% of people. He has been in the dream team thrice in the last 4 games and has gotten more than 30 points all those three times. He can be the best GL punt pick.

Last 5 scores – DNP, 2w, 1w, 1w, 0w

Saikat Bannerjee (CAL) (2 overs)

Opening bowler. Went for plenty in the previous game but did well in the game prior to that. He’s just played two games and would be likely to feature in the final league fixture as well. Can be a good pick for GL nonetheless.

Last 5 scores – DNP, DNP, DNP, 2w, 0w

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Calcutta Customs Club vs Tapan Memorial Club Dream11 Small League Captain & Vice-Captain Choice:

S Das Sr, Shahbaz Ahmed and Ramesh Prasad are the most chosen players as C/VC by users and hence are the safest choices for CAL vs TMC today match.

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CAL vs TMC Dream11 Grand League Captain & Vice-Captain Choice:

Kaif Ahmed and Prayas Ray Barman could be good GL picks for C/VC due to their current form and consistency.

CAL vs TMC Dream11 Team for Small Leagues:

I Tried some risky combinations. You can make changes in the below team Or you can get a safe team in the Experts prime app.

CAL vs TMC Dream11 Team Prediction - Today Match

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