BD vs SZA Dream11 Team Expert Prediction: CBA League 2020-21

Experts Dream11 today match prediction for Beijing Ducks vs Shenzhen Aviators team playing on 22 October 2020. Get ultimate BD vs SZA dream11 Basketball news, BD vs SZA dream11 prediction, BD vs SZA dream11 team playing 11, and Experts prime team data. Get more winning tips and today’s prediction about CBA League 2020-21 on our Dream11 Experts prime page.

BD vs SZA Dream11 Prediction | Beijing Ducks vs Shenzhen Aviators Dream11 Experts Team Preview

When & Where: This Match Will be played at China. BD vs SZA dream11 leagues will be closed on 22nd October 2020, 5:30 PM, IST

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Beijing Ducks vs Shenzhen Aviators Team Preview & Dream11 Prediction:

The Take:

On October 22, Beijing Ducks will face the Shenzhen Men’s Basketball Team. Beijing Duck’s last match against the Zhejiang Men’s Basketball Team, which was in a hot state, was due to the 25-point victory over Guangdong in the opening game of the Zhejiang team. Ducks have made sufficient defensive preparations, especially for the key player Wu Qian’s defensive arrangements.

Wu Qian was also disturbed by the constant flanking. He made only 3 of 15 shots. Although 9 assists connected the team well, Wu Qian scored 39 points and sent out 14 points in the game against Guangdong. The assists, relatively speaking, Shougang’s defense is no problem.

Counting the preseason, the Shenzhen team has played 4 games. The regular-season record is 1 win and 1 loss. The record looks the same as the Beijing team, but in fact, it is not the case. The Shenzhen team lost the game to the defending champion Guangdong team. The score was 126-134. The Guangdong team scored 126 points and only lost 8 points. This is already a huge success for the Shenzhen team. Up. The Beijing team only scored 75 points in the last game, and the offensive end was misfired. The Shenzhen team has a good chance of upsetting.

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Battle Dots:

As Bayi team no longer participates in the CBA League, the Beijing team only played one match against the Zhejiang Men’s Basketball Team in the first two rounds, losing 75 to 92. The Beijing team’s offensive and defensive rhythm is slow, with fewer rounds, but only 75 points in a single game, enough to see how sluggish their offense is. Although the Beijing team lost, they were not without their bright spots. Among them, they restricted the opponent’s key players to do quite a bit of experience and only allowed Wu Qian to get 10 points. The Beijing team would rather let other Zhejiang players beat them than Wu Qian. High scores, the Beijing team did a good job in this regard.

Shenzhen Aviators:

Although Wu Qian was restricted and other Zhejiang team players stood up, none of the six players who scored in double figures scored more than 20. In the end, they only allowed the Zhejiang team to score 92 points. It can be said that Shougang has played its defensive end. The high level it deserves.

However, Shougang’s own offense has problems. In this game, it is obvious that Shougang has changed its style of play. The two major insiders, Li Muhao and Fan Ziming, have become the support points of the team’s offense, but the performance of both can be said to pass, Fan Ziming is suitable for someone to feed him the ball, suitable for running and attacking, Shougang fully defends and lowers the rhythm, the attacking speed is very slow, Fan Ziming is difficult to play his talent for eating cakes.

Li Muhao is tall with long arms and relatively solid inside skills. He has stronger offensive ability than Fan Ziming, but Li Muhao’s fearless startled him to accumulate fouls quickly. He received 4 fouls in 8 minutes on the field and his playing time was greatly limited. In the game, Fan Ziming scored 14 points and 8 rebounds on 3 of 9 shots, and Li Muhao scored 15 points and 5 rebounds on 6 of 7 shots.

The inside play was average, and Shougang played worse outside. The stability above the backline was insufficient. Liu Xiaoyu was injured and unable to play vitality. Originally, Zhai Xiaochuan had to hold the ball for a long time to create offensive opportunities for his teammates. At the same time, Shougang’s role The player’s shooting rate was also very average, and the offensive end was a mess. In the end, the game only scored 75 points and lost 16 points to the Zhejiang Men’s Basketball Team.

Beijing Ducks:

Today’s Beijing Shougang’s offensive end has serious problems. The offensive is constipated and extremely unstable. It does not have the ability of the individual single of a star. There is no one on the backline to organize the offense. What Shougang can do now is rely on defensive skills to win, or Waiting for foreign aid to be in place as soon as possible, especially since the desire for small foreign aid is very urgent.

The Shenzhen Men’s Basketball Team played against the Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team in the last game. There was a gap between the strengths of the two sides. In the end, the Shenzhen team lost to the defending champion by 126-134. Although they lost, the Shenzhen team still had a bright spot. He scored 35 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists alone, and completely exploded the Guangdong Men’s Basketball team such as Su Wei, Zeng Fanri, Zhang Hao and other inside players.

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BD vs SZA Probable Lineup:

Beijing Ducks Lineup:

PG: X Liu

SG: Chou Yi-Hsiang

SF: X Zhai

PF: Y Zhu

C: Z Fan

Shenzhen Aviators Lineup:

PG: Shen Zijie

SG: Lu Yiwen

SF: Y Linyi

PF: Gu Quan

C: He Xining

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Beijing Ducks vs Shenzhen Aviators Star Player Choice (League Performance)


Beijing Ducks vs Shenzhen Aviators Grand League Picks:

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L Yang, X He, Zijie, Yiwen

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