AUK vs OTG dream11 fantasy cricket prediction – 10th Match | New Zealand ODD

There’s a lot to take into consideration when you’re looking for the best AUK vs OTG dream11 team. Today, We are going to discuss AUK vs OTG 10th Match news, AUK vs OTG playing 11, AUK vs OTG fantasy cricket prediction, and dream11 Expert data. This League is called New Zealand ODD in dream11 leagues.

Auckland vs Otago 10th Match Schedule:

Auckland vs Otago, The 10th match will be played in Eden Park Outer Oval, Auckland on 8 December 2020 at 3:30 AM.


AUK vs OTG Dream11 prediction and Players stats

Wicket – Keeper Prediction:

Mitch Renwick (OTG) (opener)

Renwick had one good game in between and has been good with the bat. Since it’s an ODI game, keeping an opener isn’t too necessary but he’s a good pick for GL and can be tried in risky SL too.

Last 3 scores – 15, 41, 0

Ben Horne(AUK)(4 down)

Horne has been a part of the dream team in all three games and looks in consistent touch nonetheless and is a safe choice for AUK vs OTG small league teams. Keep any one of these two, it hardly makes a difference.

Last 3 scores – 11, 18, 27

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Bastmen Prediction:

Martin Guptill (AUK) (Opener)

One of the most experienced players and has been a terrific opener for New Zealand as well. A must pick in your AUK vs OTG dream11 team.

Last 3 scores – DNP, DNP, 36

William O’Donnell(AUK)(1 down)

O’Donnell got 65+ points in the last two games and been in the dream team both times. A no.3 batsman and surely a crucial pick for your teams.

Last 3 scores – 5, 50, 61

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Robert O’Donnell (AUK) (3 down)

The skipper of Auckland and will bat anywhere in the order depending on the situation but not below No.5. So he’s a good pick and can give good runs with the bat. Can try in AUK vs OTG dream11 Grand league.

Last 3 scores – 12, 1r 1w, 52

Neil Broom(OTG)(1 down)

A class player and has been a consistent performer over the years in this format of the game. He’s great talent and one of the safest picks for your teams in today match.

Last 3 scores – 17, 69, 0

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Josh Finnie (OTG) (3 down)

A good player in general and has given quickfire cameos in Super Smash last year, but hasn’t got going as such in the ODD format this season. Can try in GL but a hit or miss player.

Last 3 scores – 21r 1w, 11, 9

Graeme Beghin (AUK) (2 down)

A lesser-known player in this Auckland side and has looked in good touch but has been unable to convert them to good scores. Can avoid in today SL.

Last 3 scores – 47, 1, 20

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Dale Phillips (OTG) (5 down)

In the previous game where the team was 18/5, he played a great knock of 41 and was the highest scorer of the team in a total team score of 113. He proved his worth with the bat but still way down the order and can be avoided in SL but can be tried in GL after his previous knock.

Last 3 scores – DNB, 8, 41

Nick Kelly (OTG) (Opener)

The skipper of this side and an opening batsman but has been in terrible form with the bat and is yet to even touch 5 runs. Being a captain of a side, he could fire any time soon but currently can be avoided.

Last 3 scores – DNB, 1, 4

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All-Rounders Prediction

Ryan Harrison (AUK) (6 down)

Harrison bowled in the first two games but not in the previous one. Not sure whether it’s an injury concern or whether the opposition’s collapse just didn’t need his services with the ball. If he plays and is fully fit, he’s a safe choice and will give good points with the ball.

Last 3 games – 1r 2w, 15r 2w, 1r

Michael Rippon (OTG) (4 down and 9 overs)

He’s a great all rounder and has been great for New Zealand A as well as in the domestic arena over the years. Hasn’t been selected by many users and can be a good GL punt pick. Can be tried in SL today.

Last 3 games – DNB, 4r 1w, 19r 1w

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Sean Solia(AUK)(Opener and 3 overs)

Just back from the Windies tour and looked in good touch out there as well as collected 50+ points in the only game he played in this season for Aukland. A must pick nonethless.

Last 3 games – DNP, DNP, 25r 1w

Anaru Kitchen(OTG)(2 down and 7 overs)

A tremendous quality player and is a consistent performer and will give points with either bat or ball in every game. A great pick for your AUK vs OTG dream11 fantasy teams. Has looked off colors as of now but can do wonders. Safe choice.

Last 3 games – 30r 1w, 3r 1w, 0r 0w

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Bowler Prediction

Michael Rae (OTG) (10 overs)

M Rae was tremendous in the last game, i.e., the only game he has played this season. He is a great pick for GL and actually a good pick for SL too even though only 36% of people have selected him.

Last 3 games – DNP, DNP, 7w

Ben Lister (AUK) (10 overs)

Lister has been a good bowler in the domestic circuit but hasn’t performed up to his potential yet in this season. we can take him in AUK vs OTG dream11 GL. Risky pick.

Last 3 games – 0w, 0w, 2w

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Louis Delport (AUK) (10 overs)

Delport has just played two games and was in the dream team in one of them. Again a GL pick can be avoided in SL.

Last 3 games – DNP, 2w, 0w

Travis Muller (OTG) (10 overs)

William Somerville (AUK) (10 overs)

Somerville is consistent with the ball and is a wicket-taking bowler for the team and has been great in this season too. He has been in the dream team in all 3 games and is a must pick for your AUK vs OTG team.

Last 3 games – 1w, 39r 1w, 3w

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Ross Ter Braak(AUK)(10 overs)

Braak is in the tremendous form currently and has notched up 54 and 120 points in the two games that he’s played. Only 42% of people have selected him and he could be your perfect punt pick even for Small leagues.

Last 3 games – DNP, 42r 0w, 7r 4w

Matthew Bacon (OTG) (10 overs)

Bacon giving constant points above 20 in each game but ODD is a longer format and points accumulated are usually more than that. He can be tried in GL as a constant point giving pick but not in SL.

Last 3 games – 1w, 5r 1w, 15r 1w

Auckland vs Otago Dream11 Small League Captain & Vice-Captain Choice:

Hamish Rutherford didn’t play the previous game although he has been selected by 45% users as Captain. If he plays, he’s the safest choice for AUK vs OTG dream11 team.

Martin Guptill, Neil Broom and Sean Solia are other safe options for Small Leagues if Rutherford doesn’t play.

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AUK vs OTG Dream11 Grand League Captain & Vice-Captain Choice:

Anaru Kitchen, Ross Ter Braak, Michael Rae and William Somerville are all good GL C/VC options and are consistent in giving good points for your AUK vs OTG teams.

AUK vs OTG Dream11 Team for Small Leagues:

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AUK vs OTG Dream11 Team Prediction - 10th today match

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