MBC vs TOC dream11 fantasy cricket prediction – 16th Bengal T20 Match

There’s a lot to take into consideration when you’re looking for the best MBC vs TOC dream11 team. Today, We are going to discuss MBC vs TOC 16th Match news, MBC vs TOC playing 11, MBC vs TOC fantasy cricket prediction, and dream11 Expert data. The Bengal T20 is called Roxx Bengal T20 Challenge in dream11 leagues.

Mohun Bagan AC vs Town Club 16th Match Schedule:

Mohun Bagan AC vs Town Club, The 16th match will be played in Eden Gardens on 1 December 2020 at 3:00 PM.

MBC vs TOC Dream11 prediction and Players stats

Wicket – Keeper Prediction:

MBC vs TOC wicketkeeper prediction

Gitmoy Basu

Gitmoy Basu will bat in the 2nd down for TOC team. He is gaining dream11 points from catches and scoring runs. We recommend him as a must pick in today match.

Last 5 Matches: (3c/0s, 45), (0c/0s, 18), (0c/0s), (4c/0s,13), (0c/1s,44)

Debabrata Das

Debabrata Das will bat after the 4 wickets fall. So far he is not impressive in batting. We can expect 10 to 20 dream11 points from him. You can better ignore Das in your MBC vs TOC dream11 team.

Last 5 Matches: (1c/0s, 16), (1c/0s,11), (0c/0s,11), (1c/0s,1), (2c/1s,10)

Bastmen Prediction:

MBC vs TOC batsmen prediction

Anustup Mazumder

Anustup Mazumder will at 2nd down for MBC team. He scored two half-centuries and a 48 in the last 5 matches. Don’t miss him in small leagues because 99% small leagues players will keep him.

Last 5 Matches: 1, 73, 24, 55, 48

Vivek Sing

Vivek Sing will bat as an opener. The batting career looks like up and down. In the last match he was dismissed for 1 run. So, we can expect 25 runs from him in MBC vs TOC today match.

Last 5 Matches: 35, 1, 19, 41, 1

Purab Joshi

Purab Joshi will bat after 3 wickets fall. He is like a hit or miss type. So, you can swap him by taking risk on other players, who can take 30+ dream11 points surely.

Last 5 Matches: 25, 2, ‘-, 51, 15

Kazi Junaid Saifi

Saifi is selected by only 35% of the dream11 users. So most of the small league team will ignore him. Saifi will bat as an opener for the TOC team. We can expect 20 to 30 dream11 points from him.

Last 5 Matches: 37, ‘-, 20, ‘-, 31

Shivam Sharma

Shivam Sharma will bat after the first wicket. He is not in good form. But this kind of players will rock in Grand league team. You can ignore him in SL.

Last 5 Matches: 16, 34, 4, 1, 16

Naved Ahmed

Naved Ahmed recently joined the team. So, the selection percentage is very less. He will bat as a openner for TOC team. This is the main advantage of picking him. If you are a risk lover the take him in Small league.

Last 5 Matches: 43, 11

Sudip Gharami

Sudip Gharami will bat at one down. Gharami not done anything big so far. Most of the matches, He was dismissed for under 10 runs. He is a not good pick for our MBC vs TOC dream11 team.

Last 5 Matches: 6, 35, ‘-, 10

All-Rounders Prediction

Mohun Bagan AC vs Town Club All rounder prediction

Md Kaif-I

Kaif-I is everyone’s most favorite choice in MBC vs TOC dream11 team. He will come to bat at 7th position. So, Kaif-I will get a few overs to bat. But Kaif will get a 4 overs quota to bowl.

Last 5 Matches: (58, 1w), (5, 3w), (4, 0w), 3w, 1w

A Bhattacharjee

A Bhattacharjee also a key all-rounder of the TOC team. He will come to bat at 5th down and will bowl 4 overs. Lst two matches, Bhattacharjee end up with two wickets.

Last 5 Matches: (7, 0w), (14, 0w), (4, 1w), (16, 2w), (7, 2w)

P Yadav vs S Dala

P Yadav will bat at 5th down and getting one or two overs to bowl. He is taking wickets in most of the matches.

Last 5 Matches: (10, 1w), 2w, (5, 1w), (4, 1w), (19, 0w)

S Dala will bat at 6th down and will bowl 3 overs per match. So, Dala has high chance of taking at least one wicket. You can take risks with him.

Last 5 Matches: 0w, 1w

S Singh

S Singh will bat at 3rd down for the MBC team. He is not good with bat and he will not bowl any over. So, Singh is a very risky pick for the GL team.

Last 5 Matches: 7, 15, 5

Bowler Prediction

Mohun Bagan AC vs Town Club bowler prediction

A Ansari

A Ansari will bowl 4 overs for TOC team. He is consistently taking wickets and gainging 30+ dream11 points. The batting position of Ansari is 7th.

Last 5 Matches: (20, 2w), 2w, 1w, 1w, 2w

A Chaterjee

A Chaterjee also bowl 4 overs quota. He took three wickets two times so far. And also wicketsless in few matches. No worries 90% of the small leagues will have him.

Last 5 Matches: 3W, 0w, 2, 0w, 3w, 1w

S Ghosh

S Ghosh is a consistent wicket-taker of MBC team. So, we recommend him very strongly.

Last 5 Matches: 2w, 1w, 1w, 1w, 3w

W Chatterjee vs A Saha vs A Deep

W Chatterjee, A Saha, and A Deep will bowl 4 overs. These three players will surely get 30+ dream11 points. So, you can use them on behalf of inconsistent players.

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Mohun Bagan AC vs Town Club Dream11 Small League Captain & Vice-Captain Choice:

Kaif-I will be the most favorite Captain choice for 90% of MBC vs TOC dream11 small league teams. So, you can make him as vice-captain. Because small risk will give tough to our opponents.

Mazumder, Basu, and Ansari are good choice for captain option. They are topped dream11 points so far.

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MBC vs TOC Dream11 Grand League Captain & Vice-Captain Choice:

N Ahmed is a very risky captain choice for MBC vs TOC grand league teams. The reason is simple, He is a opening batsman, who can get more runs in the powerplay.

A Saha and A Deep are very risky vice-captain choice for GL teams. you can try them in different teams.

MBC vs TOC Dream11 Team for Small Leagues:

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MBC vs TOC dream11 Team

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