ECB vs SHA dream11 fantasy cricket prediction – 32nd Match Dream11 Emirates D20

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There’s a lot to take into consideration when you’re looking for the best ECB vs SHA dream11 team. Today, We are going to discuss ECB vs SHA 32nd Match news, ECB vs SHA playing 11, ECB vs SHA fantasy cricket prediction, and dream11 Expert data. The Big Bash League is called Dream11 Emirates D20 2020-21 in dream11 leagues.

ECB Blues vs Sharjah 32nd Match Schedule:

ECB Blues vs Sharjah, The 32nd match will be played in ICC Academy, Dubai on 23 December 2020 at 9:30 PM.


ECB vs SHA Dream11 prediction and Players stats

Wicket – Keeper Prediction:

Vritiya Aravind (ECB)

Safer amongst the two options and a good pick due to his consistency in terms of the points too.

Last 5 matches – 19, 28, 0, 86, 25

Fayyaz Ahmed (SHA)

Safe choice for your teams. Has been consistently getting runs and has got good points in every game either with the bat or from behind the stumps.

Last 5 matches – 34, 4, 57, 7, 16

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Mohammad Boota (SHA)

He has just played the last three games and been in the dream team in the last two games. He is keeping the wickets and getting points from behind the stumps too. He is a must try for GL teams.

Last 3 matches – 5, 24, 28

Bastmen Prediction:

Ali-shan Sharafu (ECB)

He is a safe option from the batting section and not too many players to choose from for this game, which makes him a good pick too from this section.

Last 5 matches – 22, 21, 51, 51, 6

Basil Hameed (ECB)

Given in the batting section but has picked up 2 wickets in three occasions of the last 5 matches and is a safe pick due to the same.

Last 5 matches – 2w, 17r 0w, 0r 2w, 8r 2w, 0r 0w

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CP Rizwan (ECB)

An opening batsman. Hit or miss player. Goes aggressive as his intent. Can try in GL.

Last 5 matches – 16, 33, 22, 1w, 13

Khalid Shah (SHA)

He is a consistent batsman and has given more than 30 points in 4 of the last 5 occasions and is a must pick and a safe pick for your ECB vs SHA dream11 team.

Last 5 matches – 27, 30, 9, 60, 24

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Rejith Mani (SHA)

Has been batting well and can be tried in risky SL or GL teams. Giving good points in every game. Can also be a credit saver pick in GL.

Last 5 matches – 37, 7, 22, 20, 0

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All-Rounders Prediction

Waheed Ahmed (ECB)

He has been in the dream team in 7 of the 9 games that he has played this season for this side and is literally the safest option for your teams considering his consistent performances. He is a must pick for your ECB vs SHA dream11 team.

Last 5 matches – 24r 1w, 10r 0w, 17r 3w, 13r 2w, 4r 2w

Aryan Lakra (ECB)

Must pick and safest pick. Most important pick. Since 52% users have him as a captain, dropping him will be too risky, but can try that in GL as even he could fail, but very risky.

Last 5 matches – 4w, 9r 0w, 4w, 1w, 37r 1w

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Junaid Siddiqui (ECB)

Was in the dream team with 50+ points in both the last games and can be a GL punt pick. Can even be the credit saver pick for SL teams.

Last 5 matches – 0w, 0w, 0w, 2w, 2w

Kashif Daud (SHA)

He has picked up atleast 30 points in each of the last 5 games and can be a really safe pick and is high on confidence. Good pick for your teams.

Last 5 matches – 13r 2w, 1w, 2w, 1w, 3w

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Umair Ali (SHA)

A worthy GL pick and if you manage credits anyhow, he is a safe pick for the ECB vs SHA dream11 Small League Teams too. He has been batting well and also getting a wicket to his name as an added bonus. Good All Round performance in almost every game.

Last 5 matches – 23r 0w, 0r 0w, 21r 1w, 28r 1w, 33r 2w

Bowler Prediction

Karthik Meiyappan (ECB)

Good pick for your teams. As there are just 2 viable bowling options worth keeping in the team, he is an automatic choice for your team.

Last 5 matches – 0w, 1w, 0w, 2w, 2w

Arslan Javed (SHA)

As there are just two viable options in the bowling department, he is a must pick for your ECB vs SHA dream11 team.

Last 5 matches – 0w, 0w, 3w, 1w, 0w

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Krishan Paul (SHA)

There are just 2 worthy options from this section, which are above. Choose any one between him and Altaf as both haven’t given any noteworthy performances yet nor have they been selected by many users for them to be deemed as safe choices.

Last 5 matches – 1w, 1w, 0w, 1w, 0w

Faisal Altaf (SHA)

Choose any one between him and Paul as both haven’t given any noteworthy performances yet nor have they been selected by many users for them to be deemed as safe choices. Either one of them could go wicketless or with one wicket. Your choice whom to pick as the third bowler in your teams.

Last 5 matches – 1w, 0w, 0w, 0w, 1w

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ECB vs SHA Dream11 Small League Captain & Vice-Captain Choice:

Waheed Ahmed, Vritiya Aravind, Umair Ali, Kashif Daud and Aryan Lakra are all safe options and have been consistently giving good points for your ECB vs SHA fantasy teams and can be tried in SL teams.

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ECB Blues vs Sharjah Dream11 Grand League Captain & Vice-Captain Choice:

Other than the 5 options given above, Ali-Shan Sharafu, Karthik Meiyappan, Fayyaz Ahmed and Mohammad Boota are good prospective choices for Grand League teams and can be tried as C/VC for the same.

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ECB vs SHA Dream11 Team for Small Leagues:

I Tried some risky combinations. You can make changes in the below team Or you can get a safe team in the Experts prime app.

ECB vs SHA dream11 team prediction

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